Memorial Quilt Creation


My goal is to create a truly unique memorial quilt for you that speaks to you of your loved one.

By the time you send clothing to me, I usually have a good feel for both you and your loved one through our emails back and forth. Once I get the clothes, I spread them out in my guest room for a few days and assess the amount, colors and types of fabric. I often get new inspiration while handling the clothing, as well.

During this time, I draft various ideas on paper until I come up with just the right design. If you have specific ideas or preferences, please let me know so I can work them in during the planning stage.

I use only clothing for the quilt top, with the exception of sashing and/or borders in some instances. I usually use woven 100% cotton for the backing unless you have a suitable large textile piece (sheet, tablecloth, lightweight blanket/throw, etc.) that you’d like used. If possible, I use clothing for the binding.

Each quilt has a custom label on the back, which may include a photo or other graphic and/or text. Quilts intended for display have a hanging sleeve.

Orders for multiple quilts are welcome. Based on the amount of clothing provided, you can order two or more identical quilts, several quilts with unique designs, or multiple quilts with the same or similar design in different colors/fabrics.

Please let me know how I can help you (contact form). I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.