Memorial Quilt Pricing


$30/square foot for Loving Arms Wrap Quilt design
$35/square foot all other designs
$500 minimum per quilt

Price includes:

  • Custom design (see Memorial Quilt Creation page)
  • All materials, with the exception of the clothing
  • Quilting or tying as appropriate to fabrics/design
  • Double-fold binding, securely machine-stitched to front, neatly hand-stitched to back
  • Hanging sleeve, if appropriate
  • Custom computer-generated label printed on fabric, if desired

A 50% deposit, based on the estimated finished size of the quilt, must be sent with the clothing.
The balance due plus shipping must be received prior to shipment of the completed quilt.

How to Calculate the Price of a Custom Memorial Quilt

Custom memorial quilts are priced by finished size, based on total square feet. You can calculate the square feet by multiplying the desired quilt width by the length in inches, and then divide the answer by 144. Multiply this figure by the price per square foot for the total cost of the quilt.

For example –
A lap quilt that measures 48″x60″ is 2,880 square inches.
2,880 divided by 144 equals 20 square feet.
At $30/square foot, a 20 square foot quilt costs $600.00.

Please note: Finished quilts may vary from the size estimated due to the quantity of clothing items sent and total amount of usable fabric. The final cost will be calculated based on the actual size of the finished quilt.

For more information, please use the contact form or email