Sep 202013
How to Outline Quilt a T-Shirt Quilt

The designs on t-shirts used in memorial quilts are often already showing signs of wear and I would never want to do anything to hasten the deterioration, so I never sew across the design when quilting a t-shirt quilt. I’ve seen plenty of t-shirt quilts with overall, edge-to-edge quilting and I worry about the print […]

Jan 262013
YOU Can Make a Loving Arms Wrap Quilt

Instant download on Craftsy! Click image to go to my pattern store. The Loving Arms Wrap Quilt is my first published Creating Keepsakes from Clothing pattern. I’ve used this design on several quilts and love the way it shows off each fabric. While using just one block size makes cutting easy, keeping the squares organized […]

Jan 262013

While most folks who contact me through this Custom Memorial Quilts website are looking to have a quilt made for them, I periodically get an inquiry from someone interested in making their own. Usually the questions are about a specific technique or they’ve run into a problem and need a little help. I’m always happy […]